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Electric Contractor

An electrical contractor can perform multiple tasks and take care of many problems regarding electrical work. There is a special certification test that must be passed before seeking employment in the field. Electrical contractors are able to perform installations, repairs, and the removal of wiring. An electrical contractor can service these many tasks at either residential or commercial areas.

Our electrical contractors are licensed and certified professionals who look forward to assisting you with any of your electrical needs. If you are considering electrical repairs or upgrades, do not hesitate to give us a call. Contact our business to learn more about how our team’s expertise and high-quality service can be a benefit to both you and your home.

Residential Electrical Contractor

Are you dreaming of new lighting for your bedroom? Are you considering a new sound system for your home theater? Even if you’re clear on your ideas, trying to figure out all the appropriate wiring and circuitry can be a confusing task. Circuits and wiring require a proficiency in the mapping of residential structures.

Don’t get caught up on the details. Let us help you start turning your plans for your home into reality! Make the first step by contacting us. Our team of residential electrical contractors have the experience and certification to help you set up the wiring systems for all of your bright ideas.

Commercial Electrical Contractor

Is your small business having electrical issues? Are you in need of a professional electrician that will do great work, at a great rate, and with outstanding customer service? If so, make sure that you call on us to do that work for you. We are a business that prides itself on helping other small businesses.

We have years of experience doing work that you can trust. We know that whatever issues that arise, we can take care of them for you. We are here for you and stand behind all the work we do.

Industrial Electrician

Does your home need a better lighting system? Are you starting to consider installing a ceiling fan? Or maybe your living room needs a boost to its entertainment value? Whether it’s to upgrade an existing system or to add something new, your home and business can benefit from the work of a professional electrician.

At Rex Collins Electric, Inc, we understand the importance of creating the perfect environment for the places that you care the most about. If you are searching for a professional to tend to your electrical work needs, look no further. Our experienced team offers high-quality, skillful service that can assist you with all your residential electrical needs.